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Monday, November 5, 2012

What a disappointment.

So, I was just watching Bones. (For the first time in a long time - what the heck is up with your scheduling, FOX?)

For anybody that doesn't know, Bones is a anthropology murder mystery which means that there's A LOT of sciency stuff  that I have no idea what it means, and there's always a fairly gruesome murder that leads to sciency stuff.

This episode was about apples.
And at the end of the episode, Bones (main character) and Booth (her boyfriend/kind-of husband/baby's daddy - I don't even know) were enjoying applesauce. Booth said that the organic, all-natural applesauce was good even though it was 9 bucks a jar (previously having complained about the price XD) and said that "Hey, it'll keep the doctors away!"

And then Bones says "Actually, the opposite may be true. Apples contain a lot of sugar, and if you have too many you could get diabetes."

And there I was, waiting for a specification, an explanation, more sciency stuff to justify that statement.


Really, Bones? Why?!?! Not okay!

Why can't all diabetes in the media be portrayed like in Body of Proof? (Please come back soon, Body of Proof. I love you.)


  1. My dad had so much sugar in his body at one point that the doctors actually thought he was diabetic, so I guess in a sense it could happen like that... (I'm sure they weren't refering to type1 in the show) I think what we all need to understand is that there will forever be ignorant and misinformed people in the world, no matter what. Focusing on the details and overused/wrong stereotypes will just make you frustrated. Instead you should just keep doing what you do, educating people on the differences and spreading the truth (it's worked on us, hasn't it?)