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Monday, January 13, 2014

Scary low.

I went scary low last night.


1.7 is the lowest I have ever been in my four and a half years of this condition.

And I didn't even register it properly.

I felt a little weird, so I decided to test - 'cause I knew I was a little low at least. So I tested, and I saw the number, and I just kept going. Autopilot kicked in. "Low. Glucose. Go find the glucose." It was upstairs - I thought it was in my room - and when it wasn't there, I started freaking out. Which doesn't make any sense, because I knew EXACTLY where the other container was and it was only three steps away. But I almost started crying. (Also this was a new container, so it had the lift-n-peel top - they seriously have to stop doing that. It's okay, I massacred it with the end of a toothbrush.)

I was so scared, because I knew that something had gone wrong and I couldn't fix it fast. AND we had people over for dinner (lovely people :) ) so I was attempting to entertain while also dealing with a seriously low blood sugar.

I shook six glucose tablets out of the container. I honestly don't remember eating them - they just disappeared one at a time. What's really weird is that I didn't feel low - I wasn't shaky, or confused, or clumsy, or unfocused - I just didn't feel quite right.

And it didn't go away. I had the six tablets, waited, ate a granola bar, and forgot to retest. I was colouring with L, and I felt funny still - obviously recuperating from the low as well as having eaten too much. But I tested again when they left - an hour and a half after the 1.7 - and I was only 3.3. Juice. Small chocolate which I meant to bolus for but forgot. Half hour later? 14.4. Which stuck. And then I was 4.3 this morning.

This scares me. I don't like it. The scariest thing? I don't know WHY the low happened. Usually I can pinpoint it - I exercised an hour ago, I definitely overbolused that, I forgot to eat lunch, I overcorrected, hormones plus (insert reason here). But this time? I have nothing. I bolused pretty accurately for dinner, and while I didn't combo the lasagna, the low happened two and a half hours after dinner.

This condition doesn't make sense. It's different every day. It changes, it evolves, as soon as you've figured out why something happened it happens again for a totally different reason.

Usually I know what to do and how to handle this - but it's incidences like this, when I don't, that terrify me.

On the bright side, Dexcoms are now available in Canada! Woohoo! Based on the awesome things I've heard about it (and this scary incident which could possibly have been prevented or at least dealt with earlier), I'm going to look into getting one! Sweet! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Farewell Bubbles

Happy New Year!

So. You won't believe what happened.

You remember Bubbles? My pump? Kay. You remember Little Buddy? My old pump? He died.  Well, today Bubbles died in much the same way. (Not quite as stressful, and I didn't realise it was a problem until we phoned and asked what was up) (apparently it is a big deal).

So today, much in the same way as last time, Bubbles is being replaced.

(Another excellent day of Animas service - we called at 8:05 and the pump had arrived by 10:30. Impressive. Wish all packages would come that fast XD)

Bubbles will be missed, but then again I have a new, shiny, pump with a brand new screen protector and lacking that little scratch on the corner. So, Bubbles II (who shall henceforth be known simply as Bubbles) shall soon come out of the packaging and become my new best buddy.

Also, Sherlock. Not only will Bubbles II also play Sherlock theme music, but there's two and soon to be three new episodes! Notice how I only used one exclamation point? Huge amounts of self-restraint. That is what tumblr is for. ;)

(I was going to put a picture here but it refuses to upload and I'm low and I have very little patience, so expect a picture at a later date.)