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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guess who?

Guess who has a cold now, having sparingly used a whole travel pack of tissues today and hasn't had a blood sugar below 10 since last night?

And guess who is starting to get somewhere on their video but is also kind of lost and confused and needs to enlist the help of someone *coughs -  acertainhobbitlovingawesomegirlwhoisbeggingtohelpwhichmakesmeveryhappy endcough*? :)


I'm now 17.3, which is the highest I've been in quite a while, and I don't like it. Not okay. (Although I suppose the hot chocolate and Timbits didn't help...but I bolused!)

And now I'm going to go try and figure out my video. (I'm at 11 seconds so far! Although 3 of them don't work how I want them to!)

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