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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bored of blue.

I started my video today!

And it's be-oo-tiful! (Well, not really, but I STARTED it and I'm getting somewhere, at least XD)

Also, I am beginning to be very sick of blue. I dream in pink, purples, greens...(not really).
I bought a really pretty green shirt and a green sweater yesterday, but I can't wear them for four more days because I am NOT giving up on my promises to myself. (And I know that I haven't posted every day, as my other promise, but I tried! And it was ALMOST every day!) But I do really look forward to wearing other colours. Although diabetes awareness month is not only this month, but all year long. I will continue to spread awareness and I hope you do too - I'm just not going to do it by wearing nothing but blue.

AND I finished watching another TV series today. Which means I have very little to keep me going until December...when it all begins. *evil laugh*

Hobbit on the 14th, Les Mis on the 25th, Doctor Who on the 25th with evil snowmen and a new companion, and then there's those four weeks in two months that we get off of school...TOO MUCH TIME TO FANGIRL!

Okay. I'm okay. That's all.