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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WDD 2012!

It was World Diabetes Day today!
And a great big thank you to everyone who wore blue (on purpose) today!
People actually understood my diabetes shirt! Woohoo! (Not quite as awesome though as the girl in a random shop that totally understood our shirts and wanted one on the weekend!)
And I am almost out of blue shirts. Repeats start soon.
I believe I'm coming down with the accursed common November cold. Ugh, real people sick.

Thank you so much to everyone who advocates for diabetes, supports diabetes, even thinks about diabetes. Everything counts, especially this month. Diabetes will always be here, and we need people to know that. We need people to support us, to think about us, to remember us. We need people to know that we don't like this, we don't want this, but it's not a burden. It's proof that we LIVE. And along with all the needles and finger pokes and highs and lows and annoying comments, there are the people. The best people, my favourite people, who I met or came closer to through this disease. When the cure day comes, I will look back on this with fondness, if only for the people.
Love you all.
Let the blue and the awareness continue. Not just for November and National diabetes month, but forever. Although I'm not wearing blue every day forever. Man, I miss my pink.

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