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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mountains and not noticing.

I woke up at 3.3.

Had breakfast, went to school, worked through an hour of french. And then I realized that I'd forgotten to bolus.
Having learned from past experience, I did not bolus for the carbs, but tested to correct.


Whatever, I know if I correct it it'll come down soon because it's a food high.

An hour later, 3.2.


I was actually so angry and so low that I actually stomped and punched the desk. (It was break, so only a few people looked at me. ;) )

I hate crazy mountains like this. They suck.
But I survived. Although I felt low for, like, EVER.

And I ran out of blue today. I had to wear green. But green is close to blue, and I was wearing blue jeans and a blue bag. So it's alright.

And when I told one of my friends that I ran out of blue, they said 'So? Why does it matter?' Apparently nobody has noticed that I, the one who VERY RARELY wears blue, has worn blue for a MONTH and has not been seen in pink since October! Love you guys too. XD <3


  1. I'm sorry you had to wear green. I promise it will never happen again. And soon you will be back in pink and they will realize that you wore blue for a month. So proud of you!

    1. You're forgiven. :) And really, I don't think they will notice. XD

      :) <3

  2. Lol when you started punching everything on your desk XD (I'm a terrible friend, I know)

    1. *flushes* Let's just pretend that never happened...geez, I was low. (No you're not! At least you didn't laugh at me openly! XD)