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Monday, November 12, 2012

Awesome weekend!

So, as I've been told by many people, I haven't posted since Friday. Apologies. :)

Why did I not post when I promised to post every day, you ask?

Because I had a very busy, very awesome weekend.

With my DPB Z.

And it was SO AWESOME to see her again!

We spent the weekend shoppin', talkin', chillin', video makin', Remembrance day rememberin', and being overall happy. (Except for the Remembrance day ceremony, at which we were sombre.) (And I've decided that Gs are too formal tonight.)

It was awesome. And now I have footage for my video! (Thanks for your camera holdin' and llama dancin' and awesome craziness, Z!)

Oh, and bacon-nutella crepes are good, but I think they're an acquired taste.
And I spent this evening writing a persuasive essay and being sad because I love Sparks too much.
And I am definitely going to put diabetes on my resume. XD

Love you Z! Thanks for coming! <3

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