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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is late! Because I have been working on my video most of the evening (REALLY addictive)!

I learned that it's really hard to fake pulling out a site on a doorknob! Pretty near impossible!

I learned that video making is awesome, fun, and addictive!

I learned that you can make one picture be all rainbow-y by pressing one button! WHICH IS PRETTY FREAKIN' AMAZING!

I also learned today at school (learning at school - what a concept!) that some boys are actually nice and willing to work and THEY WILL DO IT WITHOUT YOU YELLING AT THEM!

And that my French/Socials teacher is awesome because she banished all the blue-eyed people to a small carpet on the floor to teach us how stupid the original Europeans were.

And that feels do not qualify as a teenage problem for the general teenage population.

I also learned today that my English teacher does not want me to conclude with this, so; That's all, folks!


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