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Friday, November 2, 2012

Two hours.

That's how long my site lasted.

Two. Freakin'. Hours.
No more than that.
Couldn't it have at least gone half a day? Or AT LEAST been killed more dignifiedidly than by my hoodie sleeve?


AND THEN, because I was at school, going to gym class and in the changeroom and there were no available washroom stalls, I had to change my site in non-personal space. Dislike. AND, as I was pulling off the curvy paper that makes the adhesive wait, it broke. So then I had to scrimp everything up to pull off the paper and  now there's a crimp in my site, which is in my stomach, which is NOT where I wanted it to be. :(

And as I was going into the class because I didn't want to be late, I was loading the cartridge, etc. I sat down on the bleachers next to an...acquaintance (this is the same one who said "There are no Sparks here!" and "Why don't you have a pump?", those of you who've heard that story.) Anyway, I sat down next to her and she looked at my pump:

"What's that?"
"OHMYGOD! Is that a needle?!"
*taking it back because NO, YOU CAN'T TOUCH THAT!*
"Kind of."
"Do you have to stab it in your finger?! Oh my god!"
"Where do you put it then?! In your finger?"
"No, it clips into my cannula." *clip*
"Oh. I could never do that."
"Well, I have to."
"Yeah, but you had a choice at the start, right?"
"Well, if I want to stay alive, then GUESS WHAT I have to."

There was more to this conversation, believe it or not.
And at least I got to do my awareness bit, even though I am getting a cold and couldn't focus or care all day.

Well. At least that was partially healed by a friend (who I haven't known for very long) telling me that she would find a cure for me because she wanted to cure something. <3

So, that was my day. I'm now going to go and drink lots of tea in order to get rid of this almost-cold because it's SPARK CAMP TONIGHT!!! :)


  1. Jeez, the nerve of some people. It's just annoying when they act like they know alot about something their totally ignorant of :/ (oh god I hope I wasn't like that when I first found out you had diabetes)

    1. I know, right?! (No, you weren't, no worries <3)