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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have been at camp for the weekend. Not diabetes camp (35 days!!!), but nonetheless a camp full of friends (but not diabetic ones.) Anyway, I found myself saying a few weird things, and friends ended up joining in.

One friend decided that she didn't like the word 'bolus'. Which is a pretty weird word when you think about it and/or say it more than once. So now, apparently, 'bolus' shall be known as 'insulate'. Or maybe 'inducilin'?

And juice can taste like low blood sugar. There's one particularly exotic flavour of juice (it's tropical punch or something of the sort) that I have only had once before this weekend. That time happened to be a 11pm low (one of those times when I downed the juicebox in 10 seconds flat). So I'm drinking this juicebox at lunch and say 'Hey, this juice tastes like low blood sugar.' Yeah. I didn't really bother explaining.

I got to do a bit of advocacy, and that was cool. (Explaining that no, it didn't hurt, no, I'm not used to it, no, I was fine, no, it's not a real needle, etc, etc.) But the most important thing was that I had fun, ate about six WagonWheels (Best. Junk food. Ever.), and I didn't let diabetes stop me. And I conquered my fear of canoes.

*I am really, really tired. Hence the title. :)

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