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Friday, May 11, 2012

How in the world did I forget?

It was Little Buddy's birthday yesterday. And I completely forgot.
I guess that it just goes to show how little I think of it, how far back diabetes is in my mind.
Which is a good thing, I guess, except I felt really bad when I remembered.

And apparently I need a new pump because there are many unfixable problems with my lil' bud. This just about breaks my heart - did he decide to die because I forgot to acknowledge him?

He's not gone yet and I'll hold him until the very end. For the remainder of our days I shall cherish him and when he is finally gone there will be a moment of silence.

And then I'll go on with my life with a new buddy. Who will need a new name. And a new colour - blue, black, or silver? (Or I might even consider green or pink?)

(There was a certain amount of sarcasm here. The thing is, I'm not sure how much.)

Anyway, happy belated birthday, Buddy, and you will be missed.

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