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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fresh start. And a goodbye.

My Little Buddy is gone. He will be mailed back to Animas today.

R.I.P., Little Buddy.

But you know what? My new pump is gorgeous. None of these silly little scratches. (And his brightness button works!) Nope, he's sleek, shiny, looks like a phone, and plays sherlock theme  music.

That wasn't a typo. Sherlock. Theme. Music. Yes.

I think I'll get along fine with my new buddy. I just have to get to know him - for the moment his name is Jim (I think. It doesn't appear to be working though. Ideas?).

And it would appear he's more effective - the first thing that happened last night after I'd been on him for a little while was I went low. Interesting.

Anyway, with this new guy - at least for a little while - I'm going to make an effort to use him, like I said yesterday.

Yep. Goodbye Little Buddy, but hellooo new guy!

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