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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pressure. And talking to inanimate objects.

Wow. There are actually people seeing this. And it makes me feel...important, like that total strangers actually care. So thanks, everyone, for really boosting my self-confidence.

Except now I feel that I should be like the 'model teenage diabetic', because it feels like people are examplifying me (which makes me feel super special!), like that this will matter somehow.
But you know what? I'm just going to be myself, because making yourself out to be someone you aren't is never a good idea. :) So if you see anything ridiculous on here, just smile and realise that this is me and nobody can do anything about it. (And also realise that right now I am completely obsessed with Sherlock and I am not seeing an end anytime soon. Fellow Sherlockians - unite! And if you're not one of us, you should be. :P)

And now for our feature presentation...

(This is what I actually planned on posting about).

I hate it when my pump decides to spontaneouly empty its cartridge. I mean, 10 units lasts a long time. I never remember after the low cartridge warning has gone off.

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, accidentally stumbling upon amazingly hilarious stuff (Sherlock-related, of course) and my pump decides to buzz at me. And it's not even the pretty music that I set. No, it has to be an annoying 'na na na na-na na'. Monotonous. Bor-ing! (Coulda got them anywhere! Tee hee) Anyway, so I tell it to shut up. Out loud. Because that's what I do. (As I say, he's a him.) And after this happens multiple times (the internet stuff was funny - I love the internet. But hate it. At the same time.) my mum thinks it's funny. I don't really realise that I'm talking to an inanimate object - he's like an annoying friend that just deserves a  'shut up' face.

Yep. I've been telling my Little Buddy to shut up for the last half hour. And everybody thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

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