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Friday, May 4, 2012

And I was so happy...

Diabetes portrayed on TV is usually bad. (With some exceptions - there's these three posts about Body of Proof :P). The aforementioned was the last diabetes-related show I'd seen, so I was happy.

Until I saw Touch.

Amazing show - DON'T GET ME WRONG. I won't explain it - too many numbers - relatively cohesive explanation here. Kiefer Sutherland included. :)
Anyways, last week's episode (maybe? I'm watching it PVRed) made me sad.

Guy, unconscious, on the floor. (I thought he was dead for the whole commercial break). Main character (Kiefer) finds him. Calls 911, then the last number on unconscious guy's phone. Phone-guy tells Kiefer that unconscious-guy is diabetic. (Hope blossoms). Of course, when phone-guy says "Syringe in fridge..." I'm thinking glucagon, right? Nope. "There's a syringe of insulin in the fridge. Inject it." GRR! Kiefer does, in the forearm no less, and unconscious-guy wakes up. Right away. We flip back to him after a character switch (multiple points of view on this show) and he's perfectly fine, the paramedics leave - no hospital visit - and then, formerly-unconscious-guy is seen drinking juice. Perfectly cohesive a healthy - wow, it's like the diabetes just dissappeared! (I wish!)

Why?!?! TV was on such a good streak. :(
Ah well. I'll just go watch Sherlock and practice my Moriarty. (Two days!!!)

(Sorry for all the brackets. :D)

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