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Thursday, May 3, 2012

More sense.

A lot of things make more sense when you do them twice. Like Sherlock. (Amazing TV show. Watch it. BBC orignally, everywhere else as well. New season Sunday. CAN'T. WAIT. Also, all the male actors manage to be incredibly amazing, made more so by their sexy english and english-irish accents. Gotta love it.) Anyways, it's a show that you really have to pay attention to. And when you watch it again you see all the important little details, like the chinese ninja-like lady spies taking sneaky pictures. (1.2. The Blind Banker. Not the best).
I digress. My point is that the more you are around it, the more sense it makes. School. Math. A new language. Friends. Boys. (Actually, that one's quite a stretch. And they complain about us women?) Facebook, too.
But diabetes? Nope. As soon as you think it makes sense, there's just another twist that makes you rethink the whole thing. Even after two years, there's no way to predict it, no way to control it perfectly, no way to remember everything. (Like insulin.)
Yep. No more sense here.
Now, excuse me as I go back to watching the most amazing show ever made.

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