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Monday, April 30, 2012


Alright, I know that I complain about my friends a lot. Much as I love them, they are quite annoying sometimes. But there are some days when it's truly proven that they're always there for me.

Like today, when my cartridge spontaneously emptied. (Well, I guess I must have had a 'low' warning at some point, but I always forget because 10 units - warning level - lasts a whole day.) Buzz, buzz. Empty cartridge, no delivery. I don't want to interrupt anything while the teacher's talking, so I quietly sneak out my glucometer case and peek to see if there's any insulin. Fingers crossed. Phew, there is some, so I proceed to quietly put some in the cartridge. That's fine. Except for, when I go to take the needle off, it's stuck. Well and truly. Even after half an hour of trying to unscrew it. (Not sure if this was my fault, the needle's, or the cartridge's.) Anyway, by now I'm kind of worried. Hoping that I have an unused cartridge in my backpack, I go to my locker at break. No such luck.
Of course, as it always is, I can't find my diabetic friend who might have an extra. All my friends attempt to unscrew it, one of them scratching herself in the process. At this point I'm crying because my mum's out of town so I can't get her to bring me a new one, I don't have what I need, and I don't know what to do.

One of the aforementioned friends decides to phone my mum to see what we can do. (She said that she did it quietly so that I wouldn't be mad - I'd never be mad at you for trying to help, Lioness.) Long story short, a friend of my mum's comes to get me so that I can pick up what I need from home.
Even after the bell rings, all my friends stay, consoling me, trying to make me laugh, skipping class just to help me out.

Thanks, guys. Love ya. <3

(I was okay. Got my stuff, went back to school, 'twas all good. And I now have a spare of everything in my locker.)

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  1. Giggles,

    I can have ten cakes in the oven, dozens of cookies, but it can all burn, you need that kind of help, I will drive you, just call me, dont you know that is what Guiding Aunts are for :))
    Mondays I am normally at home, but CALL