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Monday, April 2, 2012

Little, annoying, things.

Some things in life are annoying simply by existing. Not being able to find matching socks, for example. Little brothers, much as I love them. Pencils breaking just when you need them.

Little things that don't matter in the long run.

But having diabetes, I find that there are more things that annoy me.

Like when people act out the familiar "I don't think you can have this, so I'm not going to offer it to you" scene. I am allowed to eat, you know.

Or "You turned a cookie down once simply because you weren't hungry, so I'm never going to offer you one ever again." People never give me a chance to explain that it's because I don't want one, not because I can't have one.

Oh yeah, then there's the 'Look over your shoulder while you test your blood sugar'. It's not that part that I mind - actually, sometimes it's kind of cool being the center of attention and being able to laugh at the cool things my meter does. ("It sucks up the blood!" - one of my friend's favourite moments.) What I mind is when the person looks at the number - especially when I'm making an effort not to be conspicuous about it -  and then looks at me with a panicked expression. "Are you low? Are you high? Do you need anything? Are you okay?" Honestly, if I'm not fazed, then chill. Actually, even if I am fazed, I can deal with it. And if you need to know, I'll tell you if I'm not okay.

I love that people are concerned for me - don't get me wrong. It's just the cloud of assumptions and worries that follow me everywhere that annoy me. Just the little things.

If you're not diabetic, then trying your hardest to understand is the best you can do. We love you for it, and we will tell you if you're annoying us.(Well, I will, at least.) :)


  1. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? You have an amazing voice and you express yourself so well. Mum