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Friday, April 13, 2012

*Giggles and flaps hands with glee*

Alright, I officially have a new favourite TV show.

Body of Proof. (Again. Sorry, but I'm uberexcited.)

The newest episode, which aired on Tuesday, was AMAZING! (It was a season finale, which is insanely annoyingly suspenseful, but the crime side was pretty good. I mean, no brain? How much better can you get?)* But on the diabetes side, it made me smile for a whole day.

Lacy (the daughter) had a pump. Yes, this seemed a bit quick, but TV timelines are allowed to be a bit skewed. Not only did they talk about it, but they showed her changing her site! And talking about food diaries and blood sugar checking/logs and about how hard it is to be 'normal'. The biggest thing was that Lacy was talking about how she wasn't allowed to have fun anymore (because of her worrying mother - understandable on both counts) and how things were really hard to deal with. I so connected with this that I almost cried. And the fact that it was broadcast in that way all over the continent made me SO happy.
Later, Lacy was talking to another character who told her that she was stronger than diabetes. That she was mature and could deal with it, that she couldn't let it stop her.
Such a happy feeling.
Please, ABC, bring this show back for a third season! PLEASE!

In short, this is one of the best portrayal of diabetes I have ever seen on TV. And it looks like the storyline will keep going. This feeling that I had was so overpoweringly wonderful that I want to find and hug the producers of this show. Thank you. And please bring it back!

*I like murder mysteries. They're cool. :P

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