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Friday, March 30, 2012

Other people.

Confession: I spend some time on the internet. (Who doesn't?)
Particularly on sites where people post funny things, like Unfriendable and Taste of Awesome. I thought, the other day, that I should search 'diabetes' to see if there were people out there.

Obviously I am not alone. Two posts from different sites found me and hit me so hard that I laugh-cried. Here they are:

Self-esteem - <strong>Today I almost cried...</strong>

So true. So, so true. (Similar secrets can be found at

And this other one made me giggle and realize that I really am NOT alone.

Dear guy next to me,

Thanks for telling off our teacher when she didn't believe that the buzzing sound was my diabetes pump and not my phone.

Sincerely, your new best friend.

( Awesome site.

By the way, though, don't search 'diabetes' in any of these sites' search boxes unless you're prepared to be mad. Most of the posts are about how 'eating too much sugar will give you diabetes.' Particularly directed at Cookie Monster. Argh.

Anyway, just wanted to share these awesome online tidbits. If you're the person that posted one or both of these, thank you. You made my day. And to everyone who feels alone - you're not. :)

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