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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vampire cannulas and broken tubes.

The tube on my Little Buddy is not something that I usually notice. Of course, when it catches on doorknobs and pulls my site out, it's the first thing I yell at. (I hate doorknobs.) But usually, it's just there, a soft, twirly, long tube of plastic.
There are some times when I do notice it. For example, when I pull out my site because it's sore and the cannula and tube are full of blood (vampire-like):

It's really funny, when you think about it. "I have a vampire on my arm!"

The next picture really needs some explaining.
Let's set the scene: I'm in art class with a friend. We're making tape sculptures with packing tape, which means that we have to cover our partner with inside-out tape (kind of like the mold you put plaster into). I'm lucky enough to be the model for the torso.
As we get halfway down my hip, I wonder aloud if I should take off my pump. "Nah. It's too late now anyway."
So, I end up wearing shorts made of tape. (Sidenote: Don't ever do this if you can help it. It's rather uncomfortable.)
My friend starts to cut down the side of the shorts. At this point I begin to hurry her - it's very warm when you're wrapped in plastic. Oh, the useful things you learn at school. Suddenly, she pulls away, a look of horror on her face. "Did I cut your pump?" I don't really know what she means, so I shake my head and urge her to continue. As she cuts farther down the side, I notice a plastic string with an end. The tape is the same colour as the plastic, so it doesn't click yet. It's not until I see another end poking out that I realize. "Is that my tube? It is! Oh my goodness!" I start to giggle.
As she finishes cutting me out, she keeps apologizing profusely. I wave it off. "There's only an hour left. Just don't let me have any more chocolate!" *Giggle*.
I join the tubes with tape, which makes things even funnier. I joke at my friend that if I go high later, it's her fault. She looks so sorry, I feel bad immediately. She doesn't seem to find it funny. I do.

So, my pump tube got chopped in half. And it was hilarious. And none of my school friends understand my diabetic humour.
I later emailed my camp buddy this story, and she laughed too. You guys worry too much.

I've started noticing my pump tube. It's amusing me. :)

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