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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have never left my pump behind. The farthest he's ever been from me is when I'm in the bathroom and he's in my room (having disconnected for a shower). There's been the odd time when I've forgotten that he's suspended, sure, but the alarm always reminds me eventually. I've heard of people forgetting their pumps at home while going somewhere, but I thought 'That'll NEVER happen to me.'

Alright, so it wasn't to that extreme, but today, for the first time, I forgot my little buddy.

I had disconnected to change (I don't do it all the time - today was a special occasion) after school. No suspension, so no alarms. Little Buddy ended up being covered up with various things - you know, the things that end up on teenage girls' bedroom floors. Clothes, school stuff, paper, pens, etc. Anyway, I was not feeling completely on the ball (not a great day today) and left him in my room. And I went downstairs. It's funny, but I didn't even realize the missing weight. (That kind of makes me happy - it means that I don't think about it all the time).

At suppertime (about two hours later) I check my bloodsugar. It doesn't say anything about not being connected to the pump, and it doesn't even cross my mind. When I go to bolus (after dinner - I really need to start/continue/think about bolusing before), I reach down to my waist to start pushing buttons. He doesn't hit my hand automatically, as usual. When he doesn't seem to be within two inches of my hand, I end up patting all around my waistband trying to find him. (I was tired). No pump. It's only then that it hits me - he's still upstairs. It's almost like an obstacle course getting to him - there's chairs and stairs and walls in the way. Anyway, I find him, reconnect, and kick myself for forgetting him. But I was surprised - after two hours of no insulin, you'd think I'd be higher than 11.2 (201 mg/dl).

So, today I found out how small a part of my life diabetes is. It doesn't influence the way I have fun, the way I listen to music, the way I [forget to] do my homework. My Buddy is special, but maybe I don't need to focus on him so much.

But I do need to stop accidentally scraping paint off the walls with his screen.

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