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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poking fun.

I don't usually get comments on my pump. I've had the occasional "What is that on your arm?" (followed by walking away when I start to explain), but nothing huge. Until the other day.

"What is that?" (One of the kids in my English class). "Oh, that? It's an insulin pump." *Walks away to do something important*. I came back, and got the question again. I then proceeded to give my I'm-feeling-lazy-so-I'll-explain-in-little-kid-talk explanation. "I have diabetes. It gives me medecine when I need it." He smiled with an "Ha! I thought it was an MP3 player." This is then followed by a chorus of "So did I!" from around the class. (But who wears an MP3 on their hip all the time?)

And then today. Again, in English. What a funny class. Anyways, the kid two seats down from me (kid in the middle was sick) is a fun guy. He's nice - don't get me wrong by what follows.
He pointed at my pump and looked at me questioningly. "What's that?" "Insulin pump. Medecine." I go back to reading. I feel a presence leaning towards me, and look over in time to see this guy poking a button on my Little Buddy. Sure, it was a little that's-my-bubble-ish, but that's okay. When it lit up he jumped back. "Oh no! Did I do something wrong?" (Oh, how I wanted to say yes. I could see it - "NOOO! You've given me too much insulin! I'm going to collapse!") But no, I figured that I should do my bit for diabetes advocacy. "No, it's fine. You only lit up the screen." "Ah." We both went back to our respective tasks and all was well.

The funny comments you hear. :)

*I'm sorry that I haven't posted for so long! Life really gets in the way sometimes...

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