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Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm starting over.

I've been re-inspired.

I'm done with diabetes getting me down.

I'm ready to move on. Ideally I'd like to move on past diabetes, but oh well. I'll move on however I can.

I'm ready to eat better, to try harder, to let those out-of-range numbers affect my emotions less. (Also, I'm ready to get them back into range).

I'm considering a CGM. My pump has a new screen protector. (I was going to start a whole new blog but it turns out that costs money.)

My phone is loaded with Beta Cell podcasts for whenever I need them (you seriously need to check this show out it is the most perfect thing I have ever heard and shoutout to Craig for making it happen)

I went to a pump night at my clinic tonight, ran into some old friends which was honestly incredible and reminded me that no, even though I'm an adult now, I'm not all on my own. The same people (as well as new people) are there for me whenever I need them.

I'm going to get involved. I'm going to use my voice. Am I going to post on here more? An hour ago I would have said yes but now I'm going to be honest with myself and say no. But maybe more than recently.

I'm going to put #mefirst but I'm also going to be more open about diabetes and how it's affecting me. Because yes, I'm fine, but I'm not always, totally. I need to realize that and I need to let that in.

This shit is a lot to deal with, and I am done with it weighing me down.


Resources that I have recently gotten a lot out of:

Libby is literally the most incredible person whose blog I have ever had the honour to read, plus her instagram is amazing, plus she like my instagram post this morning. So. I'm kind of in love.

Beta Cell as mentioned above (I'm not kidding go listen to it right now) (NOW)

Beyond Type 1 is a fabulous developing community

Type one nation has provided a lot of direct connections and is a refreshing place to realize that we are really not alone

My clinic has been great - they had an event tonight that brought up emotions in me that I forgot I still had. It was incredible.

I'm going to use these resources, and I'm going to talk to people, and I am going to stop pretending that everything's 'just fine'. Look out world, here I come!

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