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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lots of Guiding.

I spent this weekend at a Snowflake Ball and a Canada Cord Recognition ceremony.

90 little girls, all in pretty princess dresses...I just can't take the adorableness. And the MOST adorable part of the day? There I am, sitting in my fancy dress (my mum's wedding dress :) ), surrounded by little sparkly sparks, and this is the conversation that goes on:

"You kinda look like Snow White."
"Or maybe like you're getting married!"
(Me): "I'm not married, silly!"
(All of them): "You're not married? I thought you were!"
(Ensuing whispers): "She's NOT married? What!"

I will be laughing forever. Just...Sparks. I just can't not love them.

And today, I was a part of the SVI area annual Recognition ceremony. I'm so proud of all of us that earned these awards. And I had to make a speech. (I'm not good at speaking in front of people - but I am improving! And proud of it!)

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry.
I had to break that promise. Fairly severely.

I'd like to thank M, who I am honoured to be able to call a friend. She spoke for me today, and it meant SO MUCH to me. Thank you so much. I don't know if I can ever fully express my gratitude. :)

Thank you to everybody who made today special. It meant a lot. :)

And I'd also like to thank my parents, because I realized this weekend most of all (I've thought about this quite a lot recently) that I don't know who I would be if I had never been a part of Guiding. It's been such a major part of my life for so long - where would I be? Who would I be? Would I be happy? Would I ever know what I'd missed? Would I have the wonderful friends that I am proud to call friends today? I don't know. So thanks, for bringing Guiding into my life. :)

And apologies that I haven't posted in so long - exams start this week.
Okay, who am I kidding, that's no excuse. I haven't done any homework or studying since, like, Christmas.
I...have been off the computer for long stretches of time. I really like internetting on the iPad, and it takes up less of my time. XD But I'll try to post more often. :) :) :) <3

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