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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beware of oncoming flails.

Oh, and a Happy New Year!
I've been busy with Sherlock marathons and Lord of the Rings marathons and I WENT TO SEE LES MISERABLES TODAY AND I HAVE TO FLAIL HERE BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T CONTAIN IT ANY LONGER!!!! (This is a post of flails and probably spoilers. But not too many. You have been warned.) This feels like it should be one of those tumblr descriptions full of hashtags. :) (I'm putting this here because...just 'cause. Nobody would see it on tumblr and it would get lost on DA and I'm just SO HAPPY.)

It was SO AWESOME!!! Music! And the actors were so good! And the story was THERE! And even though they changed and took out a bit of the music it was still awesome and they killed Gavroche but apparently that happened anyway but they took out his song which is NOT OKAY. And the Thenardiers were hilarious and I loved them and Helena Bonham Carter was awesome for that role and Pritchard from Upstairs Downstairs was in it and so was SEB FROM SHERLOCK WHICH I FIGURED OUT ALL BY MYSELF and there were 257 people in the cast! And Enjolras (whose name is NOT Enjorlas) is played by somebody that I don't recognize except for a small role from Body of Proof but everytime I saw him I was like 'Who ARE you?' and at one point I thought that he looked like Andrew Scott and I was like WHOA THAT WOULD BE COOL but then I realized that I would KNOW if Andrew Scott were in the movie that I've been looking forward to FOREVER. And the filming - OH THE FILMING! They zoomed out from the scene to look down on the city and then like panned around it and it was BEAUTIFUL and then they'd go over a roof and then it would fly down to the next scene and it was like the Hobbit and LOTR just as beautiful and oh so pretty! I hate battle scenes as a general rule. And action scenes. Don't know why, just do. But this battle? Started with people throwing chairs. Legit. And then they were like "Give us furniture!" and it was so awesome. The costumes. THE COSTUMES. Again, like LOTR but French and Revolution-y and GORGEOUS! And people could sing! (With one minor maybe-it-could-have-been-better but it was okay) and Eponine was my favourite. Let's just take a minute to appreciate her. I was thinking the other day that it's always the guy who wants the girl - the poor, love-stricken girl who's in love with the jock. But in this, no. It's Ponine who loves Marius who fell in love at first sight with her pretty-much sister who rose so much higher than her even though she was the child sent to fetch water and bullied because she was the street-urchin's daughter. But does Eponine go sit and cry? No. She joins the frickin' Revolution just to be with him and she saves his life and her death is A Little Fall of Rain and just...I love her. Every time. Unconsciously, she is and always has been - and always will be - my favourite. And Samantha Barks who played her had the BEST VOICE of all of them and she's so pretty and she played it SO WELL and nobody noticed her because she's just the childhood friend but I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And even though she could have betrayed everybody and let them die she saved the girl even though that girl stole everything from her. Oh goodness...just appreciate her. She gave everything. [And she IS the poster girl so we're all scratching our heads as to why Cosette is the poster girl for this.] Back to the music! Even though they took some out and repeated some, I REALLY LIKED the new song even though it sounded new and my only complaint (which is fairly major) is Little People because that is Gavroche's song and you CAN'T TAKE HIS SONG AWAY. And we need a sing-along version because I have grown up on this music and it's completely ingrained in my head and EVEN THOUGH they changed the words a bit which messed my head I still wanted to sing. And Javert - although Russell Crowe did not have the right voice - was REALLY GOOD and his two solos (even though they were sung least greatest) gave me so many feels I just...hugs. And he's such an honourable man. And walking along the edge! Gave me shivers! The filmmakers ("they") did an AWESOME job with the makeup! They put Valjean through like his whole life and you could SEE it and they made them all look appropriate to their situations and I can not believe how much people can do these days! And the One Day More was the BEST 'cause every situation was so vastly different but so similar and I actually UNDERSTAND the Work Song because I didn't even think of it that way before AND IT WAS ALL SUNG LIVE SO THEY WERE ACTUALLY SINGING!!! AND THAT CHANGED IT SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT! AND I NEED TO STOP UPDATING THIS!
I have been waiting for this movie my entire life...and I am not dissappointed.

'Kay, I'm done. :) For now.

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