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Friday, January 11, 2013


But here I go again.

I'm going to see Les Mis tomorrow! (Again!)

And I may be...okay, I am...dressing up.

As Eponine.

Call me a nerd. I can take it. (Just please don't make fun of me for not being able to word) (Like most of the boys did today in class)

WHO KNEW that I could find a perfect costume through bits and pieces of normal life?

And WHO KNEW that the dream jacket I've been looking for and thinking about for AGES was in my mum's closet the whole time?

And WHO KNEW how perfect this would work out to be?

And WHO KNEW I would be so excited? (Okay, I did.)

I am SO excited. And sure, as my friends said, I'll probably be the only person EVER to cosplay at Les Mis while also most likely being one of the youngest there. (By, like, at least thirty years). But it will be AWESOME.

I much happiness and excitement.
Here's to hoping that after tomorrow I can say that I cried! Because emotions!
And that people will appreciate my awesomeness!


  1. Wooooo!
    If you have an extra hat or something I'd totally wear it, don't need you feeling singled out XD

    1. I totally do! If you WANT to wear it, that would be cool...:)