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Sunday, May 18, 2014

D-Blog Week: My Favourite Things.

As we wrap up another Diabetes Blog Week, let’s share a few of our favorite things from the week. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment left on your blog that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!

I am a SUCKER for comments.
Comment on my post - guess what, you're my new best friend!
I actually haven't been involved enough this D-Blog Week. I've read barely any posts and as you can see I'm WAY behind.
Seeing as I haven't really read much of anything, I don't really have anything to share.

But I would like to say that my favourite thing? (Yes, FAVOURITE with a U because I'm CANADIAN and I would thank this word processor to NOT correct my spelling!)
Is how many people do this.
I love how many people are involved in the DOC.
I love how not-alone I am.
I love this event, and even though I suck at participating on time, I hope it continues (and maybe I'll do better next year!)
I love you guys. 
YOU'RE my favourite thing.

So no, I don't have any favourites specifically from this week.
But every day, every post, every person, every comment, every blog, every single thing in this wonderful community - that is my favourite thing.

Thank you, everybody, for another wonderful week.

AND this has nothing to do with D-Blog Week, but there's only two days left to vote in the JDRF video contest! You should all go vote! (Maybe because I'm in the top 3! My video is #2! It would be really really really awesome if you all took a minute to cast a vote! Thanks!)

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