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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm really sorry it's been a really long time.

Hey everybody. (I don't really know if anyone's still reading this, but I still love you all!)

Life's been good. I hope yours has been equally good. I finished grade 11 - thanks to the teacher's strike I only had to do part of one exam, but my marks were pretty good - and started my adventurous summer right away.

SOAR 2014 was fabulous - thank, Girl Guides! 2500 girls gathered in Enderby, BC, for a week of activities, friendship and fun. I went rock climbing, learned to deal with people who may not have been the easiest to deal with, experienced a thunder and lightning storm (under a tarp - it was a bit scary but also REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITING), and had an all-around fabulous time.

And then I was off to Peru! I was one of sixteen girls in Canada selected to go do service in a small community (as well as some touring after all that was done). It was an incredible experience, absolutely amazing; I learned SO much about myself, community, culture, friendships...I now have fifteen super strong friendships all over the country. In my mind it's a bit like the DOC - I don't see them regularly - although I will see them again someday, I promise - but they understand me and I love them.

Diabetes has really not been a big thing lately. Although, writing this, I just realized that I was with diabetics all summer - one of my patrol at SOAR was diabetic, and one of the girls on my adventure to Peru was type one as well! (I was super excited about that and we got to talking about camp and communities and connections and it was absolutely fabulous love you C)!

So I've been busy. The strike took away the first three weeks of school, but we're finally back in and already working hard. I got a little stressed earlier, but I think I'm okay now. Grade 12, here we are. (I'm in a constant state of needing a nap and a hug - not sure if that will ever end?)

I guess I don't really have that much to say right now. I'd really like to go to a diabetes-connections thing (like the FRIENDS FOR LIFE CONFERENCE THAT WOULD BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST SOMEONE PLEEEEEEASE TAKE ME) but there aren't any around here. There's one in California in October - the FFL Focus on Technology - but that's a long way away, expensive to get to, and I don't have time. Someone should start something in Vancouver, that would be great. Maybe I should do that. Hmmm...maybe I'll wait until after grad. But I have clinic in a few weeks, so that'll be good. And I get a new pump in May!!! Wooo!!!
Actually, regarding a new pump: If anybody's reading this, I need help in my decision making. I'm going Animas for sure, but here's the thing: Ping or Vibe? I really like the CGM connection aspect of the Vibe, but I don't know if I could do this diabetes thing without the meter connection. And I could get a Dexcom seperately...(I think that'll happen no matter which pump I get, but still.) Does anyone have any insight? Used one or the other? Used both? How would you feel without the meter connection? With the CGM connection? Thanks in advance for any opinions!

I love you all, I'm sorry it's been so terribly long. *hugs*

Also, 13 days till year 5 is complete! Wow, that's a big number. Huh. (Hey any family members reading this you should bake me a cake yeah you should)

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