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Friday, September 20, 2013

Some stuff is hard.

Sorry guys, it's been a while (again).

Europe was FABULOUS, and life felt kinda unreal afterwards - because I realized that now it's just memories and pictures. Weird.

I have a Europe meeting tonight, where we'll sort out our presentation and share photos and cool stuff like that. :)

Sparks started last week, and although half of them got stung by wasps, it went well after that. :) I didn't get to go to the other Sparks meeting this week, because I was babysitting (money, money, money!), but apparently one of their sparks is DIABETIC. Do you hear me? DIABETIC. I have wanted to know a diabetic small child for nearly four years! And she's not in my unit. That sucks. But I'll get to meet her (and all the other new sparks!) next week, and at camp, and at Spark joint activities, etc., etc. :) It'll be great.

How I met your mother is a great show. Also it's short, which is perfect.

School is okay so far, kinda stressful cause it's grade 11 (!).

I can't art. Art is hard. I'm not very good at it. Drawing. Ugh.

TV starts soon! Stoked!

I don't have all that much to say right now. Tired. Writing. Sorry it's been so long. Love you all.

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