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Wednesday, September 25, 2013



I finished my book! My 1232-page, ancient story, Les Miserables in its original form only in English, and I'm finished!!! I started in February, and it was really slow going for a long time, also I skipped August completely (can we say In Europe all month?). It's been seven months, twelve hundred and thirty-two pages, and a lot of newfound emotions.

It was all the same characters (although no music :( ), but the book went much deeper than I ever dreamed of thinking (because obviously it's a book), and I found out a lot of things that nearly made me cry. I know that none of you care, but I have a lot of things I need to talk about and NO ONE TO TALK ABOUT THEM WITH!!!

For example, did you know....

Grantaire was drunk the entire fight!
Grantaire and Enjolras is a canon ship! And it's adorable!
I can name almost all the barricade boys!
Marius is an idiot!
An absolute idiot!
He's such and idiot I can't even explain!
Cosette and Marius TOGETHER were less than forty!
Valjean pretended to break his thumb so he wouldn't have to watch Cosette get married! (Well, not really, but kinda)
Joly and Bahorel (I think those are the two) share EVERYTHING!

Because it's early in the morning and I haven't been reading it for a while (like, twelve hours), I can't think of anything else. But yeah. Emotions. Creys. Need passionate people to talk with.

That's all. WAIT! Also, I lost Bubbles (my pump) down the side of the couch. It was still attached, and I tried to get up (which didn't work). Yeah. It was great.


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