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Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's been a while. Again. Sorry. It was April. Also, right now is the nearest to relaxed-time that I've had this week. And I'm rather stressed right now. So. You get the idea.

Have some bullets! :)

  • Video contest voting opens May 6th! WOOT! You will all know. And hopefully you will all go vote for me. <3 (If I'm in the top three).
  • I missed Sparks tonight because of baseball. :( I am NEVER missing sparks again.
  • My brother is an awesome salesperson, and so I have eight owl orders to fill. Which is awesome. Because it means I get money.
  • I finally got my Itunes money, so imma get some awesome music. :)
  • TV series are ending. I shall soon have to turn to Netflix. (If I ever have time to watch anything).
  • My site decided to come out. After an hour. Gr.
  • M is coming out this weekend!!! We're going to the book sale! It's gonna be AWESOME! <3
  • I posted my Sherlock blanket online! People like it! Yay!
  • That's all I got for now. Sorry this took so long.

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