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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do you ever know something but forget it the moment you need it?

Sorry guys. Uh...exams are coming up? Is that a fair excuse? No. I've been watching Hannibal.
(Unrelated sidenote ALTHOUGH I WILL KEEP THE FLAILS TO A MINIMUM there was a pancreas on Hannibal and it was great because the pancreas is an underappreciated organ but apparently it tastes good XD)

Well. Well, well, well. How is everyone today? I'm good, thanks. I played five games of baseball this weekend, had part of a practice provincial exam in math, and other such fun stuff.

So, I always have stuff planned in my head for when I find myself talking to newly diagnosed diabetics - except when I need it, it's gone.
One of my friends (an exchange student from Germany who was here earlier this year and who I got on really well with) has just been diagnosed, and I didn't know what to say. I was honoured that she wanted advice from me - I like being asked questions like that - but I didn't even know what to say. I guess because my diagnosis was so long ago (three and a half years now - WOW) and I've come SO far since then, I've mostly forgotten what I needed. I guess I needed to know that people still cared, that they were there for me, that there were people I could talk to. I didn't really have anyone to TALK to - I do now (Hooray for DiaBuddies!) - but I sincerely hope that I can be that person for someone else. :)

If anyone ever needs anything, comment here or message me somehow or TALK TO ME BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL and I want to help!

Hugs and love to J!

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