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Saturday, May 18, 2013

D-Blog Week: Freaky Friday.

Sorry this is late - I had some WACKED blood sugars yesterday, and for unknown reasons (probably due to those insane 2.9s and 3.1s) I felt awful last night. I could hardly speak, let alone sit up and blog. So, this is a day late, my bad, thanks diabetes.

Today's Yesterday's propmt: Just like in the movie, today we’re doing a swap. If you could switch chronic diseases, which one would you choose to deal with instead of diabetes? And while we’re considering other chronic conditions, do you think your participation in the DOC has affected how you treat friends and acquaintances with other medical conditions? (Just gotta put this in here - I LOVE that movie.)

I wouldn't want to switch with anyone. I'm lucky to have a condition that is treatable, manageable, and not fatal. I can still live my life while dealing with diabetes - I just have to work a little bit harder at some things. I'd really rather have no chronic condition. That being said, I suppose a thyroid condition (hypo or hyper) (preferably the one that makes you skinnier) wouldn't be too hard - there's treatment and not too much to deal with as far as I know.
But if I could switch chronic conditions, I would want the Alexandria Genesis. (Well, it's a syndrome, but I think that still counts?) I mean, purple eyes, dark brown hair (which I already have and love), no sunburns, no periods (!), long life, no body hair except for eyebrows and  perfect vision, and never overweight? Who WOULDN'T want that? Unfortunately, it's a very rare condition and it may not even exist. But it would be great, no?

My participation in the DOC has affected how I treat people with other medical conditions. I feel like I understand a bit what they're going through - I'm more empathetic, more willing to listen, more able to help them out. Those of us that have chronic conditions - be they the same or not - know what it's like to deal with stuff. We all have a connection, and we can all empathize with each other. So yes, because I talk to/read about other people with diabetes, it helps me to understand other conditions. :)

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