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Saturday, March 2, 2013

No tears.

I went to see Les Miserables again last night. The third time was just as awesome as the first.

I still didn't cry. But last night, I figured out why.

Les Miserables is not a story of sadness. It may be about suffering and sadness, but it's not a sad story. It may seem to be a story of death, destruction and hopelessness, but it's not a sad story.

It's not about the sadness, the Miserableness. It's about friendship, love, freedom, dreams, hope. It's a story of love and hope and sacrifice, and while that may make you cry, I can't help but smile.

I JUST REALIZED that it's a story about freedom, equality and brotherhood! Those french things! WHOA!

And also, I guarantee that nowhere will you ever find a bigger Les Miserables nerd than me, and if you can prove me wrong I will lay my soul at your feet. XD

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