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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A leak?'s been a while, hasn't it. Sorry.

Well, now that I have something to say, here we are. :)

I had a yucky run of highs yesterday - it turns out my site was [a lot] older than it should have been. I hadn't been checking all too often 'cause I was babysitting and things just tend to slip my mind. I changed my site last night to my stomach (from my leg) so that it would be more absorbent and hopefully bring my bloods down. (Blood sugar is just too long.)

So today, I promised I'd test more as I was still coming down from the wicked highs. (Woke up at 11.3, which is okay, but not good enough for me.)
My first test was an hour or so before lunch, and when the screen read 20.3 (365), I didn't believe it. I'd bolused for breakfast, fresh site, the works! XD So I washed my hands and tested again; 20.8. No.

I corrected, hopeful that it would work. 5 units. After the beeps finished (I'd been holding my site to make sure it went in), I felt something wet and I was really confused before I looked and realized that this was a leaky site. Actually leaking, as in none-of-the-insulin-went-in-it-all-stayed-on-my-skin leaky. This has never happened before.

So I changed my site and re-corrected. I was mad, especially seeing as this site was less than 12 hours old.

I'd heard of leaky sites, and thought I'd had one before, but no. THIS was a leaky site. And I hope it never happens again. I still smell like insulin. I haven't figured out why it leaked, as I have yet to pull it. It's just so young...

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