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Friday, September 7, 2012

Plum juice.

With school back in session, it appears I'll have less time for blogging. :)
I am going to have to get to school an hour before it starts every day for band and leadership. Which is annoying that I have to get up earlier, but then again, it's kind of cool. It should definitely bring back my morning-birdiness that I had and loved so much when I was younger.

Anyway. I'm loving school (This semester I have English, Gym, Socials and French). I've also met a bunch of students from other countries which is very cool.

Now, the actual point of this post.

Yesterday I'd had very good blood sugars, bolused for everything, kept things running very smoothly.
I got home, unpacked my lunch, and went to test my blood sugar. There'd been a plum core in my lunch which I'd picked up and thrown away. (Yes, it's relevant.)

My sugar was 16.0 (288).

This didn't make any sense at all, seeing as I'd been in the 'good' zone about an hour ago and I felt super-fine.
So I washed my hands (as I always do when I don't like the number), hoping for - but not expecting - a different number.

Test again.

5.7. (103).

Guess plums are sweeter than I thought.

And I guess I really should wash my hands before testing. (I do, most of the time. Really.)

And my sugars have been SO AWESOME recently! My 90 day average is 7.3 (131) which means my a1c will be down by a lot! Woot!!!

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