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Monday, September 3, 2012

I have returned!

I'm back from my vacation and blog hiatus!

We went to Disneyland, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and a bunch of little seaside towns with names I don't remember.

And it was awesome.

I had a few diabetic encounters on this awesome journey. (As well as testing inside a tree and visiting the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory.)

I met a diabetic monkey. Yes, a diabetic monkey. Nothing more to say there. (He was in the San Diego Zoo and he really didn't care that I'm diabetic too!)

I also met another human diabetic. Well, I didn't really meet her, but I saw her. And her pink Animas Ping. In the San Francisco sourdough factory. (Good place, that. Free bread.) I whispered to my mum 'Look! She has a pump!' (My mum then proceeded to talk to the wrong person about pumps. Akward. XD) Nobody else really cared, but  it was cool. It's like 'Hey, they're really out there! It's not just me!' I love seeing diabetics in the wild, if you will. It makes me very happy.

I never know what to do, or say, so I just smiled and made my pump more obvious. ;)

Bubbles and I had lots of fun in Disneyland. He stayed disconnected on most rides, and had a -50% temp basal the rest of the time. I was still low quite a lot of the time, but it was alright. Good for my A1c, because when I wasn't low I still had awesome control. Lowest low was 2.6 (46), highest was 17 (306) (only once. I hate hot chocolate.) Other than that, I was pretty much between 4 (72) and 9 (162). It was totally and completely awesome. 90 day average of 7.2 (129) thanks to that!

Maybe it's something in the Disneyland air? Makes you happy and well-controlled blood-sugar wise?

Well, there's really too much to say in a blog post and you guys probably don't care all that much anyway. Just wanted to say that I'm back, I had an awesome time, and I am totally ready and excited for school tomorrow. (So posts might slack off a bit. Or they might increase. I don't know yet.)

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