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Saturday, July 14, 2012

So much love.

I'm back from camp. I had SOO much fun, made a lot of friends, and billions of memories. And apart from some harsh sunburns which made some akward tan lines, a few mosquito bites, sore feet, a blister on my finger and some bruised fingertips (the camp lancets are harsh, man!), I'm nothing but happy.

I learned a few things while I was there. (Apart from the actual diabetes-related stuff. Psh, who needs diabetes? Oh, and insulin - what's so important about that?)

You never know true happiness until you look back and realise those weeks may have been the best of your life.

You never know true sadness until 'your blood sugar is high (23.2) and you drop your cookie on the floor.' In my case, it was when my friend was high and I dropped the last bite of my sandwich. That right there is depressing.

You never know true peace until you're sitting with your best friends listening to your favouritest story and it's the last day of camp and even though you're sad, you're ready to face normalness again.

You never know true frustration until your friends are sick and you're helpless, you can't fix it. Or until someone tries to treat diabetes as a math. Or until your pump clip breaks and your pump proceeds to hit the ground twice in the next hour and you can't get a new clip until who knows when. :(

You never know true fear until you're being told a true(ish)¸ ghost story in the very spot where it takes place and everyone around you is trembling (and dressed in black) and then you hear thumping from the [supposedly] empty attic. And then everyone bolts out of there and later it's actually really funny.

You never know true victory until you win a blood sugar competition by 0.3.

You never know true laughter until your friend spews potatoes everywhere because you're all laughing so much you can't breathe. Or until your counselor makes the funniest faces you've ever seen. Or until everyone in your cabin is low exactly when you all took measures to prevent it. Or until a dead crab comes along. 'Hello, Mr. Crab! How are you today? Dead? Oh, very good!' There was a lot of true laughter at camp.

You never know how to appreciate running water, soap and toilets until you've been without them for three days.

You never know true confusion until your counselor wakes you up, tells you it's 6:30 in the morning and then comes back from the bathroom and says 'Just kidding, it's only 5. Oops.'

You never know true friendship until you meet sixteen people who you know you could tell anything even though you've only known them for two weeks.

You never know how much everything matters until it's gone.

Everybody who ran camp - thanks for creating a second home. :)
M, J, J and W - thanks for being such awesome counselors.
Z (Shakespeare!), M (we set a place for you at dinner </3), A (awesome canoe partner), EP (loved the jam sessions), EC (you're an awesome hugger), KH (I think I'll see you soon!), KA (we missed you!), SL (stay sweet, 'kay?), KaH (I hope the trip home isn't too long!), SiP (Tiki master - the crab shall RIP), H (good job on the rubiks cube), G (remember your sunscreen), D (don't drink too much more juice), J (you photobomber, you), SP and N (You're so sassy) - thanks for being such awesome cabinmates and such unforgettable friends. Thanks for all the memories. And the warm and fuzzies. <3

I love and miss you all soooo much.

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  1. I am literally in tears after reading this post; good tears, by the way :P
    I will always look back on what we created there on those delightful weeks, and cherish it - honestly - forever! Camp is the only place I could feel truly happy, and thanks to the people there and the great care that was given to us, I can continue to truthfully say that.
    And although Diabetes really isn't the greatest thing that could happen to people, I am glad that I have been given the oppertunities such as camp, and experienced what I have in those 2 weeks of pure happiness. :)
    I love you guys!
    -Simran, and the Crab ;)