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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'm back!
From camp!

And it was so much fun!

The camp was pretty much in my backyard (well, it was only ten minutes down the road), so exploring localness was pretty awesome. I saw the underside of the bridge I've been driving over for fifteen years and saw a part of this island that I've never, ever seen before.

I made a whole new set of friends who live close enough that we can actually hang out, which is really sweet, considering until now I only knew one diabetic close enough to chill with. So guys (pointed look at all of you, especially M and K), we WILL hang out, 'kay?

The thing I love about diabetes camps is the teamwork. It's understanding the inside jokes, sharing glucose tablets (went with 54, came back with 14 while I only ate about 5), helping to judge insulin doses, and having everybody understand completely and totally, no questions asked. It's about making sure your friend is okay after being 1.9 and eating a dozen of your Dex. It's testing in a cave, shouting out carb counts, and eating strange things to bring up your sugar. It's having everyone understand how you feel when you're low and having others wish they were low so they could have your tropical fruit glucose. There's so much to love about diabetes camp, so much that if I listed it all we'd be here forever.

Thanks so much to I Challenge Diabetes and Power To Be for providing this opportunity - check them out here and here. Thanks to all the leaders who donated their time and skills to us so that we could have simple fun with less worry.

Thanks to M, M, M, M, D, K, B and O for being instant, awesome friends. I'll miss all of you and we better not lose touch. :)

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