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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I can't have.

So, I was thinking today...

(First of all, on an unrelated note, the awesome diabetic spark joined my unit! Woo!)

There are a lot of things that bother me that I wouldn't even think about without diabetes. Other than the obvious, obviously.

  • I can't buy loose pants - my pump pulls them down. Actually, any pants if I don't wear the waistband right. Also any pants I exercise in have to have a tight waistband. Loose sweatpants, comfy as they are, often reveal more than intended. Bubbles doesn't look that heavy, but...
  • I can't donate blood. I'm not allowed. That bothers me. A lot.
  • I can't be a professional driver. Do I want to be? No. Did I ever want to be? No. (Except for that week in kindergarten when I wanted to drive a backhoe.) Does it bother me that I can't? A little bit.
  • Bagels. I'll just leave that there.
  • Doorknobs. They suck. They keep pulling out my tubing. Urgh.

Mind you, there are lots of little things that diabetes makes better...

  • Free flu shots!
  • Free food!
  • Free promo stuff!
  • Camp!
  • Knowing you have something in common as soon as you find someone is diabetic!
  • Carb-free meals! (Yay eggs and green veggies!)
  • Jokes! (Does this shirt make me look diabetic?)
Diabetes isn't all bad. There's lots that's bad about it, but it's not all bad. :)

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