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Saturday, June 15, 2013

School's out!

WOOT! Of course, I still have two exams, but it's all good.

District playoffs for baseball were this weekend. We lost both games, but you know what? I had a lot of fun. *shrugs* Hopefully I'll have somewhere to play next year. :)

So...we went to Michaels today because I needed a certain colour wool for a ragdoll that I want to make...and they had a very diverse 2.99 clearance rack...and also they had neon Caron Simply Soft for 3.99...suffice it to say that my successfully depleted wool stash is now very replenished. Fall Fair here I come! :)

After my ball game today, the team decided to go to Dairy Queen ('cause it's awesome.) I don't go there ever, so I was excited to try a smarties blizzard. Small of course, because I really don't need any more than that. I looked at it with that 'eyeballing the carbs' face, and I decided on 50 - airing on the high side. I laughed my guts out, had a ton of fun, enjoyed my delicious blizzard, and then ran round the corner to go to the washroom before the TWO HOUR drive home. I ran into the nutrition facts sign on the way out - and what a good thing that I did. I thought that I should look at the carbs, just to see how close I was. It's an awfully good thing that I did look at that, or else I would be REALLY high right now.


108 carbs in a small blizzard.

That is equal to a pizza.

In a small blizzard.

So done with Dairy Queen.

Lesson of the day: there are more than 50 carbs in a blizzard.

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