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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alphabet bullets.

Since my last post I have:
a) turned 16,
b) earned my Learner's license,
c) prepared for a week-long camping trip starting saturday,
d) finished school,
e) passed exams,
f) earned honour roll (all As) and effort roll (all Es and Gs which mean the same, depends on the teacher),
g) seen Monsters University (BEST. EVER. Also the short which came before it, The Blue Umbrella, was AWESOME. SO GOOD. Close to tears. Legit. Also Planes looks great - they have some quality humour there. XD "Oh, for flying out loud!),
h) learned about the bionic pancreas project which is awesome,
i) become the proud owner and learned how to use a Samsung Galaxy s3 (still looking for a name),
j) seen the season finale of Hannibal (WHY?!?!?!?!?!?),
k) had some really major highs (freakin' sleepovers with junk food),
l) scored 98% on my L test,
m) not yet become sad that I'm not going to D-Camp in three days,
n) made myself sad that I'm not going to D-Camp in three days,
o) become part of a family with a new car (a car whose DOORS open AUTOMATICALLY with HEATED seats and 8 SEATS and a BACKUP camera and other really COOL stuff),
p) okay now I'm just trying to make it through the alphabet,
q) discovered that report cards can be held hostage if someone (coughCcough) hasn't paid their school fees,
r) learned that it's awesome when Supernatural makes fun of Twilight,
s) reached the halfway point of Les Mis (WOOT!),
t) discovered that lovestruck teenage boys are IDIOTS (coughMariuscoughRomeo)
u) decided that you should watch this video and this video (heads, they're possibly triggering)
v) discovered the awesomeness that is etsy,
w) found the most adorablest cat knitting pattern,
x) prepared around 30 of my 100-entry goal for the Fall Fair,
y) realized that I don't know how to travel with diabetes and time changes (PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE)
z) K, this is the last one, I have nothing to add. It's been fun!
Talk to y'all in a week! (Hopefully!)

eleventy-three) bought pink jeans and bright patterned leggings. BIG step for me. :)

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  1. What I do with my pump on time changes is I change the time on my pump when it's close to landing time. That way I don't forget to in the hecticness of getting off the plane and such and my pump is giving me accurate basals. You could even change the time half-way through the flight if you wanted. Other than that every thing is the same :)