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Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about my future recently.
I'm in Grade 10 now, so in the big picture, graduation and the real world is just around the corner.

I used to have hour-long crying sessions because I didn't want to grow up.

But now, the thought of it kind of excites me.

I love thinking about firsts. First kiss, first date, first boyfriend, first year university, first drive...

I love thinking about life on my own. Rooming with my best friend, going to university to fulfill my dream career (not really sure what yet...probably pediatric nurse), living in the big city, budgeting so I won't be broke.

I love thinking about life in the future. My wedding day, my husband, my house, my children, my career.

I love thinking about how exiting it will be. Responsibilities, freedom, love...even the thought of paying my own bills is weirdly exciting.

I didn't want to grow up.

But I think I'm ready now.

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