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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


School's out!

And that means that art class is over. Which means that I got all my projects back.

For now, I'll only put on the diabetes-related ones and a few that I'm really proud of.

Here we go:

Alright, I'll try to explain. Here's what I told the art teacher:

A unicorn personally represents diabetes for many reasons. The mystery around it is one; nobody really knows if unicorns exist, no one really knows how to deal with diabetes. Also, the unicorn is alone, just as I feel - one in the world of a million. The shininess of the unicorn contrasts, however, to the 'black hole' of diabetes. It's an idea that you can't quite grab hold of, can't control. An object that manipulates your way of thinking and astounds you with its terrible beauty.

The shadows represent the world. The unicorn feels out of place, alone, surrounded by darkness. The shadows are closing in on her, scaring her, not showing any love. As well as being surrounded by foreboding shadows, the unicorn is lost in the forest, confused by these apparitions, and is being closed in on, her clearing of hope shrinking smaller, smaller, smaller.

It's a little dark, but I wasn't in the best mood that day.

The next ones are photos of photos. The original ones were taken on light-sensitive paper in tin cans as well as on light platforms. The digital photos don't do them justice, just so you know.

It's been a long journey...

Through all the cool stuff...

As well as the sharp edges.

But I know that my friends...

Will ALWAYS be...

There for me.

I called the set 'Support'. Friends are important, no matter what, and none of us can afford to forget that.

And finally, something that turned out really, really well...

Is me!

Self-portrait. No, I'm not actually pink.

Yep, well, that's some of the products of my art class this year. Now, it's off to exams (and studying - well, promising that I will) and then CAMP!!!!!!


  1. Awesome! I love all of these, especially the Scratchboard :D

    1. Thank you! That means a lot, particularly coming from you. :)

  2. For some reason I think that you are pink ;))


    1. I can understand that. :) (I just had to make sure the other people that read this blog don't think I'm some kind of alien XD)