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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes I like to write poetry. Sometimes that poetry expresses my deep emotions, even when I don't mean it to. So, here's some of my accidental-deep-emotion poetry about my diabetes.

This one came about when I thought about writing a post. I thought about how I feel sometimes, and that continued on to a poem and an entire blog post.


I wish that I had never been diagnosed with diabetes.
But then...
I realize that I wouldn't be who I am today without it.

I wish that I had never got my Little Buddy.
But then...
I realize that I would still have to take needles everyday.

I wish that I knew more people with diabetes.
But then...
I realize that I wouldn't find as much comfort in talking to the people that I do know (but talk to rarely) who have diabetes.

I get overwhelmed by the enormity of this disease.
But then...
I talk to one person, or read one person's blog post, or watch one person's video, and I realize that I am not alone.

I wish I were still who I was before diabetes.
But then...
I realize that I wouldn't be me now.

This next one...I don't really know where it came from. I would really like to get it printed on a shirt, though. I think it started when I kept telling myself that diabetes doesn't change me. I realized, though, that it does change me. It changes all of us - it makes us stronger. We all figure that there's nothing good to say about diabetes, but sometimes, there is.

I have diabetes

I have
No, I am not diabetic, I have diabetes.
Does this change me?
It makes me more responsible, respectful and caring as a person.
It has taught me to see the silver lining in all things, no matter how bad they may be.
It has taught me to smile, whatever the outlook; that's the only way I can avoid the heavy sadnes.
And so I thank it for all these things.
It's accented my individuality and made me more of my own person.
And yeah, it's a pain sometimes.
But you know, I just wouldn't be the same without it.
Thank you, diabetes.

Thank you also, so much, to the 500+ people who have visited, and continue to visit, this blog.

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