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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sorry, I got distracted. School and sleepovers and babysitting...anyway. I'm here now.
This month I'm going to attempt a photo challenge that I found on tumblr...the Diabadass challenge. :)

Here's the challenge:

I worked really hard making this. I hope everyone likes it! Finding diabetes related stuff to represent in pictures is more difficult than it sounds. I tried to focus on making it fun and interesting. I’m going to post this on twitter, instagram, and maybe Facebook as well.
Please hashtag #DiabadassChallenge so I can find your posts and see your photos on every social network. If you want to add me on any of them just message me and I’ll link you.
If you decide to use this on any of other blogs, please credit me!! I put so much thought into this trying to make it unique and also creating the background. This is the first time I’ve ever created anything fun like this. I don’t want any copycats! 
Thank you so much, diabuddies!! You are ALL so amazing <3

And here's what I've done with it for the first three days (sorry they're not on time):

Day 1 - Selfie
This is my face. It's alright. :)

Day 2 - Pump or injections?
Pump. This is Bubbles, my Animas Ping. I love him.
Day 3 - Glucometer
Aaaaand...this is my glucometer. He does not have a name. I wish he had a LED screen. Yes, there are lots of test strips, because it requires a lot of effort to clean those out. That smiley face keychain on the left means a lot to me; it was given to me by one of my Sparks last year who moved away. It reminds me to smile, to keep a positive attitude, that no one is ever too far away, that there's a silver lining to everything, and to remember that childhood is fleeting and it's my job to help the Sparks make the most of it :)
There you go. First three days, all in one! I'll try to keep up from now on. ;)

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