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Monday, April 8, 2013

Saving my LIFE. (And life in general).

I have GOT to get better at doing this more often.

I've been really busy as of late and so have lots to say. :)

I finished my video (!!!) and got permission from Sony music (thank you!) to use the song I wanted, and I got my image release form all filled in, so I'm all ready! I hope to mail those tomorrow and simultaneously get the video posted - there will be links everywhere soon. :D

My beautiful blue headphones died. :( I tried to find a pair just like them, but as far as I can tell they're only available online. HOWEVER, Groupon had an awesome deal which means that there are gorgeous pink headphones with swarovski crystals and an mp3 remote being mailed to me. :) For the interim I have Avengers headphones. Walmart. $3. Best. Ever. (The sound quality sucks, but they're awesome nonetheless).

I haven't raised much for my donordrive. Thank you so much to the donator of the donation I've received - it means a lot. I'm going to link it to facebook, and maybe I'll put it in the video description...
I figured out how to add a link, so if you look up there ^ you'll see a link to my page. (JDRF DonorDrive fundraising page). Thank you so much to everyone who donates - every penny helps and it means a lot.

Speaking of donations, I have an awesome story to share. As I'm sure I've said, I'm a Junior Leader with a Sparks unit (5 and 6 year old girls). They're all completely precious. One of them knows me outside of Sparks (I babysit her and her sister occasionally and our mums are good friends) and it was her birthday a few days ago (Happy birthday!). For her party she did a toonie birthday (you know, where the guests bring two toonies and one goes towards a present, the other to a charity) and she decided that her charity was going to be my donordrive. This means a LOT and I don't know if she'll ever know how much this warms my heart. Apparently one of the parents asked her where the money was going, and she told them that she was going to 'save Giggles' LIFE.' Not quite as severe as that, sweetie. But, to a kid, that's what it is. I'm sick, and she's going to make me better. That's all there is to it. And the fact that she cares so much makes me all squishy inside. Knowing that she wants to make me better makes my every day a little brighter. Thanks so much, now-6-year-old L. Someday, we'll find a cure.

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