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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diabetes Month!

With Halloween come and gone, it's a new month. November, in fact. Which also happens to be diabetes awareness month.
This is a very important month. It's when money is raised (via those "Change for Diabetes"cans) and we spread awareness about this disease.
I'm going to do my part for diabetes month by wearing blue on every November friday and then November 14th, which is a monday. (Diabetes day! Also Frederick Banting's birthday!) I'm also going to donate to the research fund and I'm going to tell people about diabetes. I'm going to take the mis- out of any misconceptions that I hear about this disease, and I'm going to explain to people what it's really all about.
I'm also going to try to post more on this blog this month. If not every day, then at least once or twice a week.
I'd also like to ask something of you, readers (who I thank, and continue to thank for reading this blog).
I'd like to ask that you support this month as well. You don't have to donate, or even wear blue. I'm just asking one thing of you.
Spread this awareness around.

Thank you, now and forever.

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